• Born in Rio de Janeiro on October 1971, of African descent through maternal lineage, Nelson Ned Jr. is a drum player, composer and producer. Nelson met his passion for the drums at an early age of 4 in São Paulo Brazil, with his masters Nelito Fortuna and Chico Batera. Chico was the first musician who brought him his first moves on drums when he was 10. At the age of 11 he started studying with Mr. Duda Neves. At the age of 14 he was Debuting on stage with his father, a great romantic singer artist recognized worldwide Mr. Nelson Ned. At 18 years old Nelson was playing Gospel Music at the Renascer Church in São Paulo for several years, who brought him a great R&B/Funk/Soul Background. At the same time Nelson was already playing in a intense tours along with his father around Latin America, U.S. and Europe, all that recommended by his father’s favorite drummer from 90’s Mr. Albino Infantozzih. And that beautiful experience brought him a great knowledge of Latin Music, from Bolero to Samba. Nelson also was in a recording studio sessions with his father’s Orchestra that he performed in 5 Albums of him, which resulted in 3 Gold Records. He also recorded on major recording company labels like Movieplay, Warner Music, EMI, CBS, Recplay. Indeed Nelson worked in collaboration with his father in more than 10 countries for 21 years.

    During that time he defined his own style in Jazz and decided to improve it, so he moved out to Switzerland where he studied in a jazz school named EJMA with Mr. Marc Erbetta and later with Mr. Juan Carlos Abreu. In that time he was invited to play along with an african singer from Cameroon named Anizette & Sagafi Elikya Group at Montreux Jazz Festival in Montcalvo, Italy ’96. And it was there where he found his roots and the call of african music that made him dump his passion to search, create and develop a new custom sound in a World Music style, a music of ethnic groups.

    Recently in 2017 Nelson was engaged to be part of a world music worldjazz record label in Europe. Indeed Nelson has made 2 Albuns in which will be released in the summer 2018.

  • His interpretations are strongly driven by African percussions of ethnic cultures, witch is influenced by Bantu’s Yoruba languages and by the African Spiritual Mythology. With elements of Arabic the north of Africa. Mixed with Jazz concepts and a broad spectrum of styles as Funk, R&B, Soul, Jazzy and Afrobeat, developing a modern and ethnic atmosphere musical language.

  • Nelson was also in collaboration with musicians & artists such as Nelson Ned, Cesaria Evora, Romero Lubambo, Vernon Reid, Henry Greindel, Ryan Reld, Marcello Giullianni, Francois Lindelman, Cesar Correa, Mauro Martins, Michelangelo Pagnano, Ubiratan Marques, Nei Sacramento, Jurandir Santana, Mateus Aleluia, Bruno Oliveira, Ivan Rocha, Fernando Corrêa, Magno Alexandre, Guilherme Ribeiro, Nenê, Alberto Lucas, Edmundo Cassis, Tiago Costa, Marcelo Maita, Bina Coquet, Paulo Ribeiro, Robinho Tavares, Fabio Zarbatto Longo, Kisan, Sizão Machado, Darcio Ract, Chico Willcox, Tiago do Espírito Santo, Arthur Maia, Carlos Bala Gomes, Paulinho Correia, Sergio Motta, Hildebrando Brasil, Pepe Cisneros, Tomatti, Marcelo Martins, Goio Lima, Sandro Haick, Rogério Botter Maio, Pichú, Jericó, Renato Faria, Jota Resende, Bocatto, Marcos Romera, Rui Barossi, Nelson Ayres, Agnaldo Timóteo, Jair Rodrigues, Edvaldo Santana, Claudia, Diana Miranda, Luciana Melo, Max de Castro, PP Morán, Israel Cupich, Mario Patrón, Diego Maroto, Cristian Mendoza, Marcos Milagres, Victor Patrón, Armando Pinaca Espinoza, Antidoping, Gregg Bissonette, Tito Puente Jr and so on.